I am an international performer living in France, coming from the worlds of circus and physical theatre. I grew up in Rome, to Australian/Belgian parents, but moved to Paris in 2011. I found my artistic inspiration in this glorious city and specialised in aerial acrobatics, clowning, and artistic direction.

A graduate from the École Jacques Lecoq, I am constantly exploring new performative languages in collaboration with artists of varying skill sets – circus, physical theatre, dance and live music.

My research is focused on finding unique styles that spring from an artist’s inspiration. With this vision in mind, I now co-direct a young company, Gokaï. We gather acrobats, dancers and musicians for both street and indoor theatre shows touring in France.
I also regularly help directing other artists’ shows, acrobatic acts and even live music concerts.

I both perform and coach for many other companies, going from large scale productions such as Cirque du Soleil, Disneyland Paris, La Folie Douce, Parc Astérix, to local productions and cabarets such as Minuit Production, as well as music bands like the world music group Medz Bazar.

I am currently in creation for a mad aerial clown duo Les Flapjax, with Cécile Robin.

As a performer, coach, and director, I am always seeking new artistic exchanges in Paris or anywhere else in the world, so hit me up if you have a crazy, rock and roll collaboration in mind…