I am an international performer based in Paris, coming from the worlds of physical theatre and circus.

Raised in Italy by Belgian/ Australian parents, I am fluent in all three languages, English French and Italian. 

A graduate from the École Jacques Lecoq in Paris I now work purely in physical performances, playing with clown, mime, masks, and  aerial silks.

   My aim is to constantly explore new performative languages, and the artists I work with come from varying skill sets – physical theatre, music, dance and circus.

My research and teaching is focused on finding unique styles that spring from an artist’s inspiration.

With this vision I helped set up,  and now  direct, a young physical theatre company,  Breadknives. 

I also collaborate with other internationally acclaimed companies such as Cirque du Soleil, and innovative artists such as Brandon Lagaert of Peeping Tom dance company.

I am a performer, coach, director, always seeking new artistic exchanges in Paris or anywhere.