As a director, I work with artists of differing disciplines. I try to go beyond their physical virtuosity, using their talents to create the narrative I desire.

With this vision in mind I set up a young company together with my Lecoq colleagues, Breadknives. We were a small but international ensemble of artists based in between Paris and London. Our world was one of physical storytelling, visual impact, original compositions and live music, where every performer was a creator. Funded by the Arts Council of England I directed our first show, The Emperor of America, which was toured in the U.K, and later co-directed a commedia dell’arte show, Ménage à Trois which we performed in France.

The division of teams amongst the two cities made it increasingly difficult to continue working as an ensemble. I wanted to base a company in France and therefore left Breadknives to merge forces with the french company Gokaï. I had been closely working with them since 2018, and joined as a co-artistic director of the company to direct a new show, Black Dog, to be premiered in November 2025.