As a director, I work with artists of differing disciplines. I try to go beyond their physical virtuosity, using their talents to create the narrative I desire.

With this vision in mind I set up a young company, Breadknives.

Breadknives is a small but international ensemble of artists based in between Paris and Montréal: clowns, dancers and acrobats. We are an ambitious team of artists drawing on a diverse set of skills, and a shared appetite for art that surprises. Our world is one of physical storytelling, visual impact, original compositions and even live music, where every performer is a creator.

Our work focuses on a continual research for new performative languages. We want to break down genre barriers and bring to the stage new, brash and generous art creation that is accessible to all.

Together with Breadknives I have directed two shows, and co-directed a third one in collaboration with external artists.

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