Falling Star

There’s an audience out there holding its breath. The magnificent hanging silks hold promise as the young starlet in her stunning costume appears. But pretty soon things start going wrong, as her trusted technician backstage seems to be having an off day. They gasp as he makes her stumble from one gaffe to another, missing her flying cues. As her costume falls apart she is eventually flung into the air at the wrong moment. As a finale she crashes into the scenery. Our clown is patient but progressively loses her composure. The audience is drawn into a rapid but intense journey of harrowing stunts, and emotions jumping from terror to laughter.
Will she get to the end of her act? Aerial acrobatics and clown combine to form a unique solo circus act.

Technical Director: Cyrile Vo-Quang

Choreographs: Éliane Domanski and Florence Delahaye

Clown coach: Yves Sheriff

Partners and sponsors:

La Tohu
cite des arts du cirque