I probably danced through my entire youth. I was raised in Rome but found my real passion with physical theatre and circus when I moved to Paris ten years ago.
I specialised in physical theatre with the two year École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq school and trained as an aerial acrobat with Florence Delahaye, and later Eliane Domanski.

My learning experience took in cabarets, equestrian or big top shows, and amusement parks across France and the UK: La Folie Douce, Parc Astérix, Minuit Production…
With my own troupe cie Gokai I devised three shows pursuing social themes, using physical theatre, acrobatics, dance and even live music.
In French cabarets I created a multitude of aerial acts to fit the aesthetic of each show, sometimes performing up to three different aerial disciplines per show.

Eventually Cirque du Soleil found me, and I was brought on their shows as an acting coach and for artistic consultancy. They then entrusted me to create and perform a solo female clown piece in 2019. 

As an artistic director and coach I work well with artists of differing disciplines. I try to go beyond their physical virtuosity, using their talents to create the narrative I desire. I take this approach with all my creations, a method I kept from my Lecoq years.

Most artists who influence my work are those who use theatre as a basis for their dance or circus creations, namely Peeping Tom, Gecko, James Thierrée, Hofesh Shechter, Akram Khan…My style is also largely influenced by clowns such as Thomas Monkton, Yann Frisch, and Les Chiche Capon.

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